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‘ALFADUCT’ Sandwich & Compact Air Insulated bus trunking systems are quality products from ARJ Group! The group’s relentless pursuit to offer high quality end-to-end solutions and products for the construction industry has now one more quality product to serve the Industry.


The materials that go into the manufacturing of ‘ALFADUCT’ Bus Trunking System are sourced from among the best in the industry. They meet specifications that have been stringently defined bearing in mind the criticality of function and SAFETY in operation. The product is designed to comply to the strict International standards of IEC 60439-1&2 and 61439-1&6.

IEC-61439-1&6, IEC-60439-1&2

Specification for low voltage switch gear and control gear assemblies-particular requirement for bus trunking systems.

IS-5578 & IS-11353

Guide for making insulated conductors and Guidance for uniform system of making and identification of conductors and apparatus terminals .The process of manufacturing the bus trunking follows IS-2062 and good engineering practice norms.


High quality tin plated oxygen free Copper with 99.99% purity, high quality Aluminum with 99.95% purity ensures highest conductivity and effective utilization of entire cross section area resulting in increased product lifecycle.


Multi layer high quality Class F polyester insulation (155° C) is wrapped over the entire length of the conductor.

Service Conditions

Ambient Temperature: -15°C to 55°C
Relative humidity: 95% or below

Temperature Rise Stability

‘ALFADUCT’ Bus Trunking system temperature rise falls much within the limit specified by IEC 61439-1&6 Standards.

Lower voltage drop

Carefully designed and well integrated components engineered in ALFADUCT Sandwich Bus Trunking system offers low impedance and hence lower voltage drop.

Low Voltage Busbar